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The Bishop’s Guesthouse . . . the Gateway to your African Safari dreams!

The Bishop’s Guesthouse * Arusha, Tanzania

Relax on your cozy porch before you head out for safari.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, quiet and peaceful accommodation, affordably priced and near to town, you have found it in The Bishop’s Guesthouse * Arusha. Karibu!

Bishop's Guesthouse
Engira Road, Plot 99
P.O. Box 1057
Arusha, Tanzania
Phone: 0744 341 508

The Bishop’s Guesthouse is located a short walk from the town center, restaurants, Internet cafes, stores, souvenir shops, taxis and the Cathedral.

We are near KIA - Kilimanjaro International Airport - about a short 40 minute drive!

We provide reasonable airport transportation to and from our Guesthouse - only $35 each way!

We are affordably priced!

We are safely and securely located within the Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro (DMK) compound!

We can help you plan your dream safari through a reputable safari company or guide you in the right direction!

We offer souvenir guides to help you negotiate the best price and find one-of-a-kind pieces for your loved ones!

The Bishop’s Guesthouse is located in a beautiful garden safely tucked inside the DMK compound. We have four rooms each with a private bath, along with a living room with TV, small dining and kitchen. Don’t be surprised if Bishop Simon Makundi comes by to wish you well, he lives just next door!

The Bishop’s Guesthouse was made possible by the generosity of churches and friends in the United States and the time and labor of members of Christ Church Cathedral, Arusha

All proceeds from The Bishop’s Guesthouse benefit the Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro in local development, education, relief and medical projects.